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Leather Jacket Hunt: Ruffle Jackets

September 29, 2011 1:04 pm · Posted by Lauren G

And here it is...the final installment of the Leather Jacket Hunt, and my best attempts at finding a similar jacket to the Q40 Peplum Moto Leather Jacket, the post that inspired an entire month filled with leather jackets. the Peplum Moto Jacket has the look of a motorcycle jacket in the front and a surprisingly feminine ruffle detail in the back. Tadah! Check out the Victoria's Secret jacket, top left. Looks like a motorcycle jacket in the front, and I actually prefer the tiered ruffles over the single ruffle on the Q40 jacket. At $258, it's reasonable, but a little too steep for me so I'll be watching for it to go on sale! The third one isn't really similar to the Q40 jacket, but I still think it's cute so I wanted to include it here...

I hope you've found the leather jacket of your dreams this month. Hmmm what should I hunt for next?


Leather Jacket Hunt: Motorcycle Jackets

September 1, 2011 12:59 pm · Posted by Lauren G

Above the Clouds reader Heather D. reminded me that fall/winter is quickly approaching (can you believe it's already September?) and it's time to reinstate the leather jacket hunt. Sadly, Metropark USA, which always had amazing outerwear, has shut its doors. I'm beginning the hunt with motorcycle jackets, probably the most popular style of leather jackets. My favorite is the Express jacket, top left. It comes in 8 different colors and is a little more versatile than a traditional motorcycle jacket. It's also faux leather and animal friendly. Which one is your favorite?

Stay tuned for the Leather Jacket Hunt series, my favorite picks for pretty much every leather jacket style I could think of!


Haley's Jacket on Modern Family

February 8, 2011 4:07 pm · Posted by Lauren G

I finally jumped on the Modern Family bandwagon and have been watching all the episodes available on ABC. I am now obsessed with the show and Haley Dunphy's motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets are so chic in that badass fashionista sort of way and we've all heard more than enough times that a leather motorcycle jacket is a great topper for both jeans and dresses. Because Hayley's jacket is knit, it's more casual, comfortable, and definitely more reasonably priced than its leather counterparts. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out exactly what jacket she wears on the show, but there are definitely lots of other options. If anyone has any tips on what jacket she's wearing, please let me know! My favorite is the Laurie B jacket on the far right.

(screenshots courtesy of ABC)

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