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What to Do with Crystallized Honey

January 31, 2013 12:10 pm · Posted by Lauren G

I bought this huge bottle of honey at Costco. Honey rarely goes bad and they've actually found edible honey in Egyptian tombs, so why not buy honey in bulk from Costco? It won't go bad because honey is pretty much just sugar with a little bit of water. The low moisture content keeps bacteria from growing, but it also causes the honey to crystallize. That thick and cloudy honey is perfectly safe to eat, but how do you get it out of the bottle? There's honey dripping down the sides of my bottle in the picture because I had it sitting upside down to get honey for my morning tea, but most of it is still in a big hunk on the bottom. Well, don't worry, it's actually really easy to fix. Just put the container of honey in a few inches of water and heat it slowly on the stove. Just be careful, because muliple heating and cooling sessions can cause the honey to lose color and aroma, and after a while, you'll want to throw it away. To stave off crystallization in the future, it's best to keep your honey at around 70 degrees.

(Inspired by scienceline and Heavenly Homemakers)

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