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Make Your Own Fabric Softener

October 23, 2012 12:52 pm · Posted by Lauren G

I've already made two different kinds of laundry detergent here and here. There are a few "no grate" recipes out there which I'll have to try out some day. In the mean time, I like these recipes so I can use up all the bars of soap hiding in my cabinet. I just used my last fabric softener sheet so I might as well make my own fabric softener too! I saved my old Snuggle bottle to store it in, and I have a Downy Ball to use in the washing machine. All you need is some cheap conditioner (I picked up some VO5's for only 50 cents) and distilled vinegar (which I always keep around). My bottle is only 64 ounces so I divided the recipe below in half. 

  • 3 cups White Distilled Vinegar
  • 2 cups Hair Conditioner (look for a 16oz bottle of conditioner to make your life easier!)
  • 8 cups Hot Water

Mix ingredients together and pour into a storage container. Use about 1/4 cup per load in the rinse cycle or in a Downy Ball. That's it! 


 A few notes...

  • Do NOT substitute Apple Cider Vinegar for any of these recipes. You’ll end up with dingy clothes.
  • Do NOT use your homemade fabric softener on loads using bleach. Mixing bleach with vinegar can produce toxic fumes. Vinegar is a natural whitener so you really don’t need bleach anyway!

(Inspired by The Frugal Find)

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