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Magazine Christmas Trees

December 4, 2012 12:29 pm ยท Posted by Lauren G

Sorry you didn't get a post last Thursday. Since I accidentally posted twice on Tuesday, I figured it was ok if I skipped a day. For the past week, I've been trying to get in the holiday spirit. I guess the year has gone by too fast, because even after Thanksgiving, I'm still not ready for the nonstop Christmas songs. I have started decorating the house a little with these super easy magazine trees. I have a slight pack rat problem and have a shelf of old magazines that won't read again, but don't want to throw away, so this is a perfect way to reuse them! (I also roll them up and put them inside my boots to keep their shape) Here, I used an old Backstage with an awesome picture of Kristen Stewart on the cover...

1. Open magazine and bend to break spine.

2. Fold individual page from top right corner to inside seam. Fold same page from bottom right edge to gutter.

3. Fold bottom triangle of each additional magazine page up, making the bottom of the tree flat. Then, tuck the triangle in between the folded page.

4. If desired, spray-paint folded tree or use spray adhesive in a well ventilated area. Immediately sprinkle glitter over wet paint. Let dry.

(Inspired by Martha Stewart)

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