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Eating Through Seattle

January 10, 2012 10:55 am · Posted by Lauren G

Two weeks ago,  I visited Seattle for my brother's wedding! It was dismal and rainy...a true Seattle experience. Even with all the wedding festivities, I still had time to try the local eats.

First on the list was a Seattle hot dog. A little different from the bacon-wrapped ones you get around here, this hot dog has cream cheese in it! I love cream cheese so I was excited to try it combined with a hot dog and grilled onions, but I have to admit, this wasn't my favorite.

You can't go to Seattle without visiting the famous Pike Place Market where you can get fresh, organic produce, unique foods from around the world, and handmade arts and crafts. It wasn't hard to find this Piroshky Bakery. The smell reaches around the street corner and so does the line. Don't worry though, the line moves fast. Just be sure you know what you're ordering when you get to the counter! Everything I tried was delicious. My family and I only went for the piroshkis, but I'm sure the sweets are great too. You can even watch them making everything in the window.

Another stop at Pike Place Market was the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company. It's a little place, but you can't miss it when they're frying the donuts right in front of you! Now you know that's fresh. We settled with cinnamon and powdered sugar, but they also had chocolate with sprinkles. Both were amazing - crispy on the outside and steaming and moist on the inside. I gobbled mine up in a heartbeat!

(Market Magic Shop)

You can't visit Seattle without stopping by the original Starbucks, the last stop at Pike Place Market. Here you can see their original logo, the twin-tailed siren. The current logo is a stylized version that's been cropped so you can't really tell what the siren is holding, but it's actually her two tails. I didn't get any coffee here because I didn't want to wait in line, but I did score two mugs. I also had to borrow the above image because it was rainy the day I went.

Besides coffee, Seattle is famous for seafood which I definitely understood after dinner at Elliott's Oyster House. If you've never slurped an oyster, they give you one to try on the house! Here's a picture of mine. Doesn't look to appetizing but I really liked it (especially when you add cocktail sauce and horseradish). Plus, oysters are great for you skin and hair. If you're going to try an oyster, this is definitely the place. They have over 40 different varieties. In addition to my little appetizer, I got one of the fresh market selections, scallops with sweet potato gnocchi. Yum!

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